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External Wall Insulation

External Solid Wall Insulation is a notable method that can change how we insulate our homes, potentially enhancing comfort and energy efficiency. As professional solid wall insulation contractors, we specialise in the installation and maintenance of this efficient and eco-friendly solution, ensuring you enjoy a warm, comfortable living space year-round.

External Wall Insulation is a technique where an insulating layer is applied to a building’s exterior to reduce heat loss. This process may contribute to the building’s thermal efficiency, potentially enhancing comfort and possibly reducing energy costs.

At EWI Specialist, we champion superior home insulation using high-quality materials such as polystyrene and mineral wool.

Polystyrene, a lightweight yet durable synthetic material, is often used for its insulating properties. At EWI Specialist, we offer premium-grade K5 insulation, it can offer good thermal properties that might help to minimise heat loss, potentially improving your home’s energy efficiency.

Mineral wool, on the other hand, excels in both thermal and sound insulation, while also boasting fire-resistant properties.

The insulating layer is usually finished with a special type of render to provide a weatherproof coating that protects the insulation and the underlying wall structure.


What Is Solid Wall Insulation?

Our expert external wall insulation installers are skilled in insulating solid walls.

Solid walls have no gap and are usually found in older houses built before the 1920s.

Solid walls lose heat twice as fast as cavity walls (buildings built after the 1920s) due to the lack of this insulating gap.

With our exterior solid wall insulation, this issue might be alleviated, possibly making your home warmer and potentially more energy-efficient, depending on its original construction.

When should you consider this insulation? External Solid Wall Insulation is especially beneficial for older properties with solid walls, and for buildings where it’s impractical to insulate from the inside.

It is also an excellent choice when seeking to enhance the exterior aesthetics of your home while simultaneously improving thermal efficiency.

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External Wall Rendering Cost

Regarding the wall insulation cost, it’s important to note that prices can vary significantly based on the size of your property and your specific expectations.

For a more precise idea of the external wall insulation cost for your property, we offer a free, no-obligation quote. As dedicated insulation contractors, we’re here to answer all your queries and provide the best outside insulation solution for your needs.

Not Sure Which Insulation Material To Choose?

Reach out now! Let’s find your perfect insulation material together!

External Wall Insulation Contractors

Benefits of External Solid Wall Insulation

Exterior solid wall insulation isn’t just a home improvement – it’s a game-changer. To help you understand its transformative power, let’s delve into the six standout benefits that make external wall insulation a winning choice for your property.

Comfort Improvement

By regulating your home’s temperature, external insulation ensures a comfortable living environment. Say goodbye to draughty rooms in winter and overheated spaces in summer – your home will be cosy and comfortable all year round.

Energy Efficiency

External solid wall insulation could potentially reduce heat loss, possibly leading to lower energy bills. It’s a practical step towards a greener, more sustainable home, making your property more energy-efficient year-round.

Property Value

Properties with solid wall insulation might sometimes fetch higher prices on the property market. Not only does it improve the building’s energy efficiency rating, but it also boosts its curb appeal – a win-win for homeowners.

Weather Protection

Insulating your external walls might provide a measure of protection against adverse weather. From rain to wind, external insulation may help protect your brickwork and structure, possibly extending your property’s lifespan.

Noise Reduction

External wall insulation acts as a sound buffer, reducing external noise intrusion. Whether you’re near a busy street or noisy neighbours, insulation can significantly enhance your home’s acoustic comfort.

Low Maintenance

With solid wall insulation, your home’s exterior might require less frequent painting and maintenance, possibly freeing up your time and resources. Additionally, the risk of damp and mould may be lowered, potentially contributing to a healthier living environment.

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Why Should You Choose EWI Specialists As Your External Wall Insulation Contractor?

EWI Specialist Ltd, an Essex-based insulation company, boasts over 21 years of expertise in house rendering insulation. Our team of external wall insulation contractors is committed to quality, trust, and high workmanship standards, with the aim of providing lasting external wall rendering, solid wall external wall insulation, and eco loft insulation.



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